Olivier Chassain - Brèves de pupitres

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6 pieces para guitarra para el segund y el tercero ciclo de Olivier Chassain



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6 pieces para guitarra para el  ciclo medio de Olivier Chassain



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This is a group of six short pieces, that one presumes from the title were written at a desk. Ok, fair enough, although their shortness has nothing to do with their difficulty factor, which is quite high.
The music is very modern, largely tuneless and usually relying on technique more than melodie ideas to make its point but I am aware that there are many of you that like challenges such as these, and therefore if you are a very good player with an
impeccable technique and like your music the far side of atonal then this could very well be right up your street.
Chris Dumigan

EEM 0020

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Olivier Chassain
ciclo 2 y 3 / medio
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