Arnaud Sans - Approche de la guitare - volume 1


Approche de la guitare, volume 1 by Arnaud Sans

méthod for guitar for the first years of learning

New bilingual version French / English 



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Approche de la guitare, volume 1 by Arnaud Sans

" Approach of the guitar" was conceived to allow the young guitarists to acquire a successful method of work and it their first compartments...

New bilingual version French / English 

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On no account, thismethod claims to be able to eliminate the existing methods, or the boldness to believe or if only to aspire to the announcement of the new truth. On the contrary, taking délibéremment support on all the Emilio Pujol's fundamental principles and thus of Francisco Tarrega, " Approach of the guitar " would like to become a complémentary bookfor  the initiation of pemières bases. 

By proposing different chapters, treating various initiatory aspects of the guitaristique technique, every professor can very easily adapt " approach of the guitar " to his own pedagogy.

"Arnaud Sans is not a " laboratory assistant " of the pedagogy but an authentic professor who knows about what he speaks and, especially, how of speaking about it. This method of guitar, besides its obvious educational efficiency, will go, I am sure, at the heart of the professors and of their pupils " Roland Dyens

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Arnaud Sans
Cycle 1/ grade 1 to 4
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