Arnaud Sans - Transmission et musique, une passion


Arnaud Sans - Transmission et musique, une passion



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Arnaud Sans - Transmission et musique, une passion

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There is no truth in pedagogy because it would be rowdy, pretentious and could hardly be shared. The truth exists only if it is based on forgetting our certainties.
A destination for both the musician apprentice, the enlightened amateur, the confirmed artist, thought for the student, the parents or the teacher, this book is ordered in chapters '' pedagogical '' on the courses, the concept of program, the guitar, the concerts and on a musical tale between which are inserted texts in the form of breaths on silence, hands and a tribute to Alberto Ponce.
You will also find disseminated, throughout this book, QR codes that will allow you to go to consult documents or to enhance your reading of music adapted to the subject.
A series of testimonials from educational musicians will shed light on everyone's thoughts ... Raphael Pidoux, Pablo Marquez, Philippe Bary, Laurence Commander, Emmanuelle Ophele, Raphael Severus, Erwan Faure ...

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Arnaud Sans
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