Arnaud Sans - Les sons complémentaires cahier indigo


Arnaud Sans - Les sons complémentaires cahier indigo



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Arnaud Sans - Les sons complémentaires cahier indigo

At the beginning of this volume, a programme called "Au bonheur des gammes" (To the happiness of scales) allows you to work on the agility of an intelligent technique through scales taken entirely from the "great" repertoire of the guitar. The approach to orchestral instruments, having in their culture the natural study of strokes, allows the guitarist to deepen an independent and efficient work on his own technique. If stringed instruments work on scales, it is mainly to refine their accuracy, while for wind instruments it favours, among other things, the control of the air column.
In this collection, special attention is given to the right hand fingerings that are widely despised nowadays. Just as the majority of today's guitarists have a fairly decent left hand technique with all that this entails in terms of possibilities for personal improvement, so the right hand of a large number of these musicians does a bit of "what comes" without giving rise to pertinent reflections on logic, phrasing, intellectual control and musical correlation.
A separate page, to be photocopied as you wish, offers a monthly calendar of a digest of ways to work a particular scale.
The studies chosen in this collection deal with the mechanism of scales, approached from different angles. This is the essence of these five new collections of "Complementary Sounds". In fact, while the first two volumes were devoted to personal studies, the next five volumes bring together studies by different composers dealing with the same point of instrumental technique. Let us never forget that technique is never a goal in itself but only a tool to be able to express oneself more freely.
Nothing will therefore stop the most daring in their progression.

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Arnaud Sans
Cycle 2 et 3 : grade 6 to 11
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