Yan Thomas - La valse aux sortilèges

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La valse aux sortilèges,para sexteto de  guitarra de Yan Thomas



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La valse aux sortilèges,para sexteto de  guitarra de Yan Thomas

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Classical Guitar

VALSE AUX SORTILEGES for six guitars
by Yan Thomas
Editions l'Empreinte Melodique. 16pp.
This is quite a pleasant new composition from a composer I have never heard of before. From what I can glean from the brief preface in French, Yan Thomas's influences are from the likes of Bach, Hendrix, Satriani and Lucia, none of who's musical
styles I found in much evidence here; it was more reminiscent of some of the gentler passages from early Mike Oldfield.
Valse aux Sortileges has graded parts, the easiest ones being guitars 5 and 6 (bass guitar) who provide the strong waltz accompanying throughout the entire work. The most difficult part being Guitar 4 where someone with a good sense of strumming rhythm and the ability to play bar chords is required. Elsewhere the other three parts have the melodie interest with very close rhythmic unity between the melodie lines for the majority of the piece. The tune itself is not a memorable one but it
is however an agreeable one and the overall effect of the composition is one of niceness for want of a better word.
For a mixed bag of guitarists of differing standards from Grade 1 to around Grade 4 this could be highly suitable for the end of term concert, etc. 
The edition comes with full score and separate parts for each player.
Steve Marsh

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Yan Thomas
ciclo 1 y 2 / elemental, medio
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