Paolo Rosini - Carnet de voyage


Paolo Rosini - Carnet de voyage



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Paolo Rosini - Carnet de voyage

10 pièces for guitar student for  grade 2 to 5

Song for Julia 
12 bars 
American Tales 
Souvenirs de Paris 
Country prelude
Enjoying the rollercoaster !


Classical guitar magazine
camet de Voyage
Paolo Rosini
Editions L'Empreinte Melodique, 20 pp. 

Ten varied pieces are perfect for budding guitarists

This Italian composer has produced a set of ten pieces the publisher states is around Grades One and Two, and in a variety of styles. So, for example, there is a nod to­ ward the blues in a couple  of pieces-no­ tably "Song for Julia," with its gentle syncopations, glissandi notes, and sorne fills you might hear an electric guitarist play, or the following  "Blueswing,"  which has an attractive rolling gait in a style that, for a lesser composer, could have produced a hackneyed result, but which here turns out to be fresh and original. The amusing "Aubade," with its 3/4-6/8 cross-rhythms and cheeky, sudden key changes, had me smiling at its audacity,  while the folk-like rhythms of  "Homesickness"   morph into a 5/4 piece just to add a slice of original­ ity. Another  highlight is the lovely arpeg­ gio-driven  "Country Prelude." But every piece is well worth playing, even if  one or two seem a tad harder than Grades One or Two. That is my only slight complaint about this fine, well-written set of  pieces ideal for Jess able players, a feat which not every composer is capable of  doing suc­ cessfully.     

EEM 0030

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Paolo Rosini
Cycle 1 et 2 / grade 3 to 8
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