Nelly Decamp - trois préludes à l'été


Three preludes for guitar, for the second cycle, by Nelly Decamp



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Three preludes for guitar, for the second cycle, by Nelly Decamp



Classical Guitar Magazine

Editions L'Empreinte Melodique. 11 pp.

Nelly Decamp's music is always wonderful stuff, highly melodie and individual with more than a touch of jazz along the way.
This latest little trilogy of pieces takes as its starting point the very guitaristic way one can place notes or a chard high up the fingerboard alongside open strings to create a shimmering effect that no other instrument can copy. Certainly it does give a
very summery texture to much of this music as evidenced by the title.
No1 is marked Libera come una improvvisazione and begins with a rising arpeggio-driven melody crossing over several strings and then topped by a glissando of a chord made up of two consecutive fourths. The idea is embellished on different chords before a set of arpeggiated chords run rapidly down the fingerboard ushering in a return to the opening, now slightly varied before a close on a gently clashing arpeggio topped by harmonics.
No2 is slower and more expressive and begins in the minor, only moving to the tonic major in the middle section; itself a variant of the minor key's opening theme. Again the gentle clash of stopped and open strings against one another plays an
important part.
The final prelude is an Andante with a gently emotive idea full of the aforementioned clashes, and is slightly longer than the previous two with a flow to it that makes it a successful conclusion to what is a beautiful set of pieces, which are melodie, and
constantly entertaining and only of a moderate difficulty. They deserve to do well.
Chris Dumigan

EEM 015

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Nelly Decamp
Cycle 2 / grade 5 to 8
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